Reasons to go Vegan: For the Animals, the Planet and your Health!

World Vegan Day

Hey Love Bees! 🐝

Today is world vegan day, and there’s never been a better time to adopt a compassionate and cruelty-free lifestyle!

There’s more vegan companies, products and services available than ever before, and becoming vegan couldn’t be easier. 

So why not give it a go – you have nothing to lose, yet so much to gain from making ethical choices that benefit the animals, the planet and your health! 💚

Reasons to go Vegan

Health Reasons to go Vegan

For Your Health

      • Switching to a whole-foods plant based diet often results in healthy, sustainable and easy weight loss, with studies showing that overall, vegans have lower BMI’s.
      • Human beings are not natural carnivores. Our anatomy and physiology suggests that we are intended to eat plants, fruits and starches instead of meat, fish, eggs, and milk taken from other species.
      • Vegan diets are cholesterol-free and are great for cardiovascular health (this is especially important as cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the UK for men, and second biggest cause of death amongst women). By adopting a vegan diet you can lower elevated cholesterol levels, substantially reduce high blood pressure and even reverse cardiovascular disease.
      • Contrary to popular belief, consuming dairy products does not increase bone strength! In fact, higher milk consumption has actually been associated with an increased risk of bone fracture in women – as well as an increased mortality rate too!
      • We have no physiological need for meat, and we can easily get enough protein in our diets, without consuming animal products. In fact, all protein originates from plants, and many plants are high in protein. When it comes to our health, consuming plant protein is actually preferable to consuming animal protein.
      • Dairy consumption boosts the levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in the blood. Higher levels of IGF-1 are associated with a significantly increased risk of developing various cancers – including breast cancer and prostate cancer. Dairy consumption can actually increase a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer by a massive 34%!
      • Eating meat has a negative impact on the composition of your gut microbiome – which may also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
      • A whopping 93% of dioxin exposure comes from eating animal products. Dioxins are carcinogenic and are associated with an increased risk of severe reproductive and developmental problems.
      • There is a strong link between dairy consumption and autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and Asthma. Dairy consumption has also been linked to the development of Acne.
      • The USDA has admitted that in the USA eggs cannot legally be referred to as nutritious, low fat, part of a balanced diet, low calorie, healthful, healthy, good for you, or safe. This is because, stating any of these things would be a deviation from the truth. 
      • Animal products are a major source of saturated fat, and their consumption is associated with insulin resistance and the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Thankfully, a low fat plant-based diet can be used to prevent and reverse this increasingly common condition.  
      • Those eating a standard western diet only consume a small percentage of their recommended daily intake for fibre. A great way to get more fibre in the diet, is to eat more whole, plant foods. A healthy, vegan diet will ensure that you’re getting enough dietary fibre!
      • A high percentage of animal products are contaminated with harmful bacteria. This can lead to potentially fatal food poisoning. (One test showed that 88% of pork chops, 90% of ground beef and 95% of chicken breasts that were sampled, all contained faecal bacteria).

Still not convinced to go vegan? Check out the book How Not to Die by Dr Michael Greger and have a squizz at the eye-opening documentary What the Health. (Now on Netflix!)

World Vegan Day - Go Vegan for the Animals

For the Animals

      • By going vegan you will stop contributing to the torture and slaughter of animals. Without demand for these products, the industries that routinely inflict terrible cruelty upon innocent beings, will be forced to change their practices. 70 billion animals are killed each year for food alone, and 6 million are killed every hour. Together we can end this mass slaughter!
      • Dairy cows are sexually abused. In order to produce milk, female dairy cows are first artificially inseminated (via a forceful, undignified and invasive procedure) to impregnate them. When their babies are born, they are then torn apart. This process happens repeatedly during their short, miserable lives to ensure that they keep producing milk. She created that milk for her offspring, but both her baby and her baby’s milk are heartlessly stolen by humans.
      • Cows naturally live to well over 20 years old, however, dairy cows are usually killed between 3 and 4 years old, when they no longer produce the amount of milk deemed profitable. Cows that are bred for their meat are killed even sooner than this.
      • The natural lifespan of a pig is around 15 years old, however, pigs that are bred for their meat usually have their lives cut very short at around 4-6 months of age.
      • Each year, 40 million day-old chicks are killed in the UK alone. Why? Because they’re male, and therefore cannot produce eggs. In the eyes of the multi-billion pound egg industry, their gender renders them worthless, and they end up on a conveyer belt, before being ground up alive. 
      • Go vegan to save our sea life! It’s believed that as many as 650,000 whales, dolphins and seals are killed every year by fishing vessels.
      • Sustainable fishing is a myth! 2.7 Trillion animals are pulled from our oceans each year, and most of those caught are unintended species, which are then just discarded. Three-quarters of the world’s fisheries are exploited or depleted and it’s believed that we could see fishless oceans by 2048.
      • The wool industry is a cruel and bloody affair! Sheep are gentle and timid creatures who endure a great amount of terror and physical pain in order to provide you with that sweater. 
      • Every year the leather industry slaughters over a billion animals, all in the name of fashion. Many people are against wearing fur, but sadly a lot of these same people will happily wear leather, without giving a thought to the creature whose skin they’re wearing.  
      • Farm animals are intelligent, sentient beings who deserve the same level of respect that you’d give to a cat or dog. Can you really justify why it’s ‘okay’ to harm one but not the other?

Still not convinced to go vegan? Check out the documentary Earthlings! (Please be warned that the footage in this film isn’t pretty – but if you can’t watch it, ask yourself, should you really be supporting it?)

Go Vegan for the Planet

For the Planet and Other People

      • Animal agriculture and the fishing industry are the leading causes of environmental damage; from rainforest destruction to species extinction, ocean dead zones and water pollution.
      • So far, 136 Million acres of rainforest have been cleared for animal agriculture and every day up to 137 species of plants, animals and insects are lost. This rate and level of destruction cannot continue, however, we can all help by refusing animal products and palm oil, and by choosing products which are both ethically and sustainably sourced.
      • There are currently 795 million people in the world who are starving, however, 3.5 Billion people could be fed with the food that’s currently being grown to feed livestock.
      • A person eating a vegan diet saves over 4000 litres of water each day! Animal agriculture uses 55% of the water consumed in the USA, however, private homes use just 5%! Not only this, but it takes 1000 gallons of water, fed to livestock, to produce just 1 gallon of milk.
      • Arable farming makes better use of the land! 1.5 Acres of land can produce over 15,000kg of plant food, yet the same amount of land used for animal agriculture only produces 170kg of beef.
      • Animal agriculture is also responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions – more than the combined exhaust from all transportation combined (which is responsible for 13%).
      • Animal waste is another huge environmental problem! A farm with 2,500 dairy cows produces the same amount of sewerage as a city of 411,000 people.

Still not convinced to go vegan? Check out the documentary Cowspiracy!

Finally, here are four extra reasons to tempt you to give veganism a try!

      • Vegans smell better! When fewer toxins are consumed, our body odour smells more pleasant and its intensity is reduced.
      • Boost your mood! Studies have shown that people eating a vegan diet have improved mood, and less depression, anxiety, anger and hostility.
      • Eating a vegan diet doesn’t need to be expensive! Avoid highly-processed gourmet vegan foods and opt for locally grown, whole plant foods instead – such as grains, beans, starches, greens and seasonal fruits and veggies! These are usually cheap to buy, and pack an impressive nutritional punch!
      • Finally, vegan food is delicious! If you think vegans only eat boring salads – think again! Almost any dish can be veganised (even chicken wings, scrambled eggs and meringue) and there’s now a huge range of wonderful vegan products available! 

Join the Great Vegan Challenge here, and if you’re hungry for a change (or you just want to eat some delicious vegan food!) you can find my healthy recipes here! 


The information contained in this post is not intended to replace professional medical advice. If you have any health problems or you’re changing your diet, please consult your doctor first. This post may contain affiliate links. 


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  1. So many people today are beginning to think about veganism and the issues discussed in this blog. Well done Chrissy, for putting the information out there in such a well written and backed up article.

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