6 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Ditch the Dairy Milk Today!

Avoid saturated fat and dietary cholesterol

Hey Love Bees! 🐝 Every time I go to the store, I swear the plant-based milk section has grown! There’s now more cruelty-free options available than ever before, and with demand for these products increasing, there’s never been a better time to ditch the dairy in favour of these delicious and healthy alternatives! 💚 In […]

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Low-Fat Vegan Bean Burgers [Recipe]

Low Fat Vegan Bean Burgers by Chrissy Faery

Hey love bees! 🐝 I have to admit that before I was vegan, burgers were never really my thing. Growing up, my (then unidentified) gluten intolerance meant that on the rare occasion that I did eat burgers, it was always rather unpleasant, and from a young age I was wary of eating beef, following the […]

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‘How Not to Die’ by Dr Michael Greger [Book Review]

Dr Michael Greger

Hey Love Bees! 🐝 Recently, I got the chance to meet my ultimate hero, Dr Michael Greger.  Doctor Greger is a leading plant-based physician, internationally recognised speaker and author, and one of the kindest, most genuine people that I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet! He’s also the founder of the non-profit organisation nutritionfacts.org, where […]

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Veganism and the Environment [Infographic]

Veganism and the Environment Infographic

Hey love bees! 🐝 I recently came across this beautiful infographic, so I thought I’d share it below. 💚 I’m aware that it does use the term ‘Global Warming’ which I know can be controversial, but regardless of this it’s an eye-opening demonstration of the effect that animal agriculture is having on our environment and […]

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Crunchy Pe-Tsai and Pineapple Salad [Easy Vegan Recipe]

Crunchy Chinese Leaf Salad by Chrissy Faery

Hey Love Bees! 🐝 Spring is here, the weather’s getting warmer and (in our household at least) salads are featuring more heavily on our plates! This deliciously crunchy pe-tsai and pineapple salad is jam-packed with minerals, contains all of the essential amino acids, and boasts high levels of vitamins A, C and K. It is […]

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