Apricot and Red Onion Guacamole [Vegan Recipe]

Vegan Guacamole Recipe

Hey Love Bees! 🐝 When I returned home from my backpacking trip across Europe, there was one food I was really craving. Avocados! πŸ₯‘ Avocados are packed with powerful antioxidants, and are a great source of vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as B vitamins (including Folate). They’re also high in magnesium and […]


Finding Food in Europe, as a Gluten-Free Vegan Traveller!

Finding Vegan and Gluten Free in Europe

Hey Love Bees! 🐝 With over 55 vegan restaurants, Berlin is said to be the vegan capital of the world – however, as I recently discovered on my backpacking trip, not everywhere in Europe is quite so vegan-friendly! As a gluten-intolerant vegan traveller, finding food can be a challenge – and there were times during […]


Bristol Vegfest 2017 | Nigerian Food, Egg-Free Omelette and More!

Vegan Nigerian Food

Hey Love Bees! 🐝 The other week I tasted lots of incredible cruelty-free food and discovered some amazing vegan brands, when Vegfest came to Bristol! VegfestUK is one of the biggest vegan festivals in Europe, and the Bristol event welcomes around 14,000 people each year. The festival attracts both vegans and non-vegans alike, and no matter […]


The Best Vegan Sources of Calcium

High Calcium Vegan Foods

Where do vegans get their calcium? It’s a question I get asked often, and it’s something that many people are curious about, when they come to a vegan lifestyle.    Thankfully, most people can easily meet their calcium needs on a whole foods plant-based diet, and you don’t need to be consuming dairy products, in […]


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