I’m Back! + Your Free Essential Nutrients Checklist!

Hey Love Bees! 🐝
Woohoo! Earth Foods Nutrition is back!! It’s so good to have this site back up and running, after my unfortunate ‘little mishap’ where I accidentally deleted everything! Oops! 😳
Thankfully, I’ve rescued many of my blog posts, and I’ve also taken this opportunity to change a few things up around here! 
Among the tweaks I’ve made, I’ve updated my about page, added a more reliable and user-friendly layout, and have included two new ways to follow.
The first way is via push notifications (if you’re using a browser which allows them, then you can choose to get notified, whenever I add a new post).
The second way to follow, is by email. If you decide to subscribe via email then you’ll also receive a free copy of my Essential Nutrients Checklist, as my way of saying thank you! 💕
The Essential Nutrients Checklist is a quick and easy guide to the nutrients our bodies require, and it shows how we can easily obtain them on a whole foods, pant-based diet!
From now on, I’m also going to be posting every Wednesday, so please stay tuned if you’d like to see more easy vegan recipes, plant-based nutrition tips and more!
In my next post I’m going to be writing about my travels to Iceland as a vegan – So I hope to see you then!
Thanks for sticking by me (it really means a lot!) and have a beautiful day ahead,
Love Chrissy xx

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