Bristol Vegfest 2017 | Nigerian Food, Egg-Free Omelette and More!

Hey Love Bees! šŸ

The other week I tasted lots of incredible cruelty-free food and discovered some amazing vegan brands, when Vegfest came to Bristol!

VegfestUK is one of the biggest vegan festivals in Europe, and the Bristol event welcomes around 14,000 people each year. The festival attracts both vegans and non-vegans alike, and no matter how big or small your interest in veganism is, there’s definitely something for everyone! šŸ’•

The festival features an array of different vegan foods and drinks (including lots of delicious – yet totally indulgent – samples) as well as clothing, jewellery and cosmetics.

There are also cooking demo’s, talks on the various aspects of veganism, kid’s entertainment, live music, and stalls representing a selection of vegan charities and organisations.

The festival was on for the whole weekend, but my mum and I went up on the Sunday.

It was super crowded and parking was difficult, but the weather was absolutely beautiful! It really couldn’t have been better for sitting outside in the sun, eating great food and enjoying the views over the harbour! šŸ˜Ž

The hot weather did make it stuffy in the marquees though, and there were so many people (especially huddled around the vegan ‘Bailey’s’ stall) that it was difficult to move around.

Despite this, I had lots of fun trying new things, that I wouldn’t normally eat at home!

Some of these delicious treats included:


Vegan Nigerian Food

A Nigerian Feast from Flavors of Africa

One of the biggest highlights of last year’s Vegfest was getting to try a range of authentic Nigerian food! There were lots of caterers to choose from (with cuisines from all around the world) but the Nigerian food was just so good, that we couldn’t resist getting it again this year!

This little selection box of Nigerian delights was absolutely bursting with flavour, and it was actually surprisingly filling!

It cost Ā£7.50 and contained Jollof Rice, Moi Moi (bean cake), fried plantain, and a delicious spinach and kale stew.

Booja Booja Ice-Cream

You’ve probably heard of the super delicious (yet very expensive) Booja Booja chocolate truffles, but did you know that they also make ice-cream too?

It’s something I’d been wanting to try for a while, but down here in this neck of the woods, it’s nearly impossible to find!

Thankfully, the pink Booja-Booja tuk-tuk was parked up at veg-fest, selling a wonderful assortment of their luxury, dairy-free ice-creams.

I decided to try a little tub, containing one scoop of their chocolate salted caramel ice-cream, and one scoop of their raspberry ripple flavour.

The tub was really tiny and cost a whopping Ā£4, but the ice-cream was out-of-this-world! The tartness of the raspberry ripple ice-cream complimented the sweetness of the chocolate one so well, and it was impossible for me to pick a favourite!

Unfortunately, their ice-cream was so good that we’d eaten the lot, before I remembered to take a pic (oops!) but you can check them out over here.

Forced to be Fussy | Vegan Cakes

Rocky Road Cake by Forced to be Fussy

I’ve not eaten gluten in over a decade (as it makes me very unwell) so when I walked past the Forced to be Fussy stall and was offered a piece of lemon cake, my immediate reaction was to say no.

Thankfully, the lady explained that she’d developed her products for people with food intolerances, after suffering from them herself. Because of this, all of her cakes and baking kits are free from gluten, soya, nuts, and animal products as well.

Having experienced digestive problems in the past, I totally resonated with where she was coming from, so after tasting the sample of her lemon cake (which was super moist and delicious) I decided to get myself a little something, to nibble on the way home.

I opted for an indulgent slice of Rocky Road, made with vegan dark chocolate, vegan marshmallows and crispies. It was super tasty, extremely filling, and much richer than what I’m used to! (I don’t normally eat sweets or cakes at all!)

Vegan Omelette

Terra Vegane Egg-Free Omelette Mix

After trying the VeganEgg at the end of last year, I was super excited to find another egg substitute, that can be used to make vegan omelettes! 

This omelette mix is produced in Germany and cost Ā£3.50 for 250g, making it quite a bit cheaper than the VeganEgg.

It’s both soy and gluten free, and when you mix it up, it actually does smell like real egg! It’s made from potato starch, cassava starch, chickpea flour and amaranth flour; unlike the VeganEgg, which is made from algae.

I cooked mine up with some mushrooms, but unfortunately, it’s not a patch on the VeganEgg, as the texture is more like a savoury pancake. It’s still very tasty none-the-less though, and I’d definitely buy it again!

Mint Leaves

As well as the yummies above, other Vegfest highlights included the Wear Your Voice stall, selling hand-printed t-shirts, with an ethical message!

I’ve been a huge fan of this company for a really long time, and I own several of their t-shirts already. I didn’t buy anything new on this occassion (as I’m trying to minimise my possessions) but it was still great to see them at Vegfest, and their t-shirts (which were priced from just Ā£6!) were definitely selling very well!

Another highlight was the Veggiepets stall, offering a range of vegan foods for cats and dogs.

My cats aren’t vegan, but they do enjoy a lot of plant-based food in their diets, and they were over-the-moon with the bags of Ami Cat and Benevo we brought back for them! šŸ˜»

Coming home to their four smiling faces (and seeing their excitement for what we had brought them) was the cherry on top of the (vegan) cake – and was the purrfect end to a beautiful day!


This year’s Brighton and Bristol Vegfests have now gone, but you can still catch the London Vegfest in October 2017!

Are you going to any vegan festivals this year? I’d love to know if you are! šŸ’œ


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6 Comments on Bristol Vegfest 2017 | Nigerian Food, Egg-Free Omelette and More!

  1. Naomi says:

    Omg amazing. I’m vegan and want the ice cream, egg free omelette and rocky road!!!! My mouth is watering haha

  2. Oh my god your cat is everything! I am a vegetarian but I have been wanting to have some ‘vegan days’ during the week to settle my stomach. I am checking out the London version as we speak x

  3. I didn’t know about this festival and it’s not too far from me! I’m not vegan but am veggie but I still think I’d have loved it, it sounds great!

    • Ohh yes! I’m sure you’d love it so much – there’s definitely something for everyone there! <3 It's on every year in Bristol, usually around the end of May šŸ™‚ xxx

  4. trudi bruges says:

    We went to the one in London in Fall of 2016. It was fabulous!

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