Running my First 10k Race for Animal Free Research UK!

Hey Love Bees! 🐝

This week I’m celebrating, as last weekend I completed my very first 10k race to raise money for Animal Free Research UK! 

Chrissy Faery

I have to admit, that up until the day of the race, I was still debating whether or not I should run!

I desperately wanted to, but my Pompholyx (a blistering skin condition, that I’ve lived with for most of my life) had become badly infected, leaving me feeling groggy and feverish all week.

Thankfully, the infection started to lift, and on the morning of my race, I felt fit and ready to run! 

When the race began I was so overwhelmed with emotion, as memories flooded back, from all the years that I was confined to a wheelchair and bed-bound with chronic Lyme Disease

I never imagined that my health would improve so much, and as I started to think about how far I’ve come, a wave of gratitude washed over me and I burst into the biggest, teary-eyed smile! 💕

For the most part, my 10k run went really well. My injured ankle (which I’d hurt back in August) held up better than I expected, and although I developed a new knee injury during the race, I only noticed it afterwards. 

The weather was perfect too (cool, but not cold or raining) and the route itself followed a narrow lane, which meandered through the scenic countryside; passing through a quaint, rural village, where the residents were stood outside, cheering! 

It all felt very surreal, and up until the last kilometre, I was having the time of my life! Then suddenly my scalp began to tingle, I started feeling nauseous and I thought I was going to pass out. 

If I hadn’t been so close to the end of the race, I probably would have stopped running, but having come so far, I was determined to get to the finishing line – so I pushed on until I completed it! 

The end of the race was a blur, and when I eventually stopped running everything turned black and I felt myself falling backwards. A split second later I came to, and the crowd was spinning around me. Then I blacked out again.  

Despite my wavering consciousness, I managed to stumble over to the kerb, where I collapsed in a sweaty heap on the pavement. 

Taunton 10k

It was only later (after some post-race sustenance and a rest) that I realised that I was clutching my new medal in my hand! (I barely remember being given it!)

As I proudly admired it, and thought about what I’d just achieved and the money I’d raised for charity – I knew it’d all been worth it! 💜

My first race was a daunting yet exhilarating experience, and one that I’ll never forget. I couldn’t have done it without those who supported me, cheered me on and sponsored me though, so thank you so much to you all!

(I also want to say huge thanks to my wonderful Mum for always standing by me and for being my biggest fan!)

Pesto PastaWhen I got home later that day, I ran a hot, steamy bath and then retired to the couch, where I rested my aching body under a mountain of frozen vegetables. I also replenished my glycogen stores with a huge bowl of pesto pasta!

The pasta went down a treat, and from now on I’ll always associate this delicious dish with the memory of completing my first race!

In my next post, I’ll be sharing my pesto pasta recipe – so please stay tuned if you’re interested! Also, I’d love to know what your favourite sport is! Do you run, and if so, are there any races you’d recommend? 

Next year I’d love to do a Marathon (It’ll take some training, I know!) and I’m considering joining my local Parkrun. I’d also like to take part in some more races across the country (or even internationally) too! 💚


Ps. If you’d like to sponsor me, it’s still not too late to donate (and it’d mean the world to me and my charity!) 


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  1. You did so well ! I am very proud of you! The charity you chose is such a worthwhile one too, doing research for cancer, diabetes, asthma,arthritis, Alzheimer’s, kidney, heart and liver disease.

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